Colloidal Silica

All Morisol products that we supply are colloidal silica based. Dependant on the particular binder the concentration of the colloidal silica differs. We have found by using colloidal silica as the base element for our binders that we get an excellent all-purpose binder.

Typical applications

Manufacture of slurry binder for precision casting moulds and the high temperature fibre industry; anti slip for paper converting; silicon and semiconductor polishing.

Quality control

Our quality management system ensures that all relevant stage controls and final inspections for all products are maintained to the highest level.


colloidal silica manufacture and supply

Morisol X30

A refractory binder, is ideal complimentary product in the small particles range. It is used on an all-purpose basis in the applications where binding power is the preferred characteristic. Morisol X30 is one of the best established slurries in investment casting

Morisol W30

The large particle size of the Morisol W30 range and its broad particle size distribuition have enabled it to be used in almost all apllications requiring surface effect (anti-slip)

Morisol HT50

Morisol HT50 shows the same basic characteristics as the Morisol W series but is specially produced for polishing applications with focus on Silicon wafer and other semiconductors. The Morisol HT grade is the basis of special third generation polishing slurries.

Technical Support

As part of our service we supply chemicals in pack sizes as low as 4.2kg up to 290kg drums as well as larger size IBC’s and multiples of these pack sizes to suit customer requirements.

The chemicals we handle include binders for use in the manufacture of precision castings and ceramic fibre components; anti-slip materials for paper converting, silicon and semiconductor polishing and binders for us in the paint industry for the production of primers and other protective coatings.

We provide technical support to maintain a fast and efficient service for problem solving and trouble shooting, giving our customers total piece of mind.

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